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At Research and Development you will be a key contributor to the next generation outstanding luxury cars from Volvo. Together with other engineers around the world, you and your team will create innovative human-centric car technology that makes life less complicated and more enjoyable for people. Are you interested in design and connected car technology? Do you share our passion for people, the environment and our urge to create a superior driving experience? Research and Development is the place for you to prosper.

This thesis work will be carried out within the Powertrain Mount department, which is a part of Volvo Cars´s Research and Development organization.


Powertrain suspension components utilize natural rubber, with filled carbon particles, to isolate the engine vibrations from the car body. As part of the design requirement, these components should meet requirements from different attribute area such as NVH, driveability, durability and ride comfort.

Usually the requirements from attribute areas are specified in static stiffness, dynamic stiffness and damping over engine operational loads and frequencies. Requirements are also stated in terms of durability specifying the total load cycles required before failure. Selecting the rubber type that is best suited for the specific application is challenging and requires extensive development work. The basis for currently performed simulations are material parameters that are extracted using rubber specifications of various types used by external resources.


The different powertrain suspension components are, to a great extent, utilizing hyperelastic materials such as natural rubber. The load sequences are greatly varying in terms of amplitude and frequency. The component is to withstand a large number of cycles that represents the total life cycle for a component installed in a car.

There is a need of S-N curves for a series of commonly used rubber materials in order to evaluate the number of cycles to failure. In order to obtain adequate data regarding fatigue and fracture, testing and analysis is to be performed at Volvo cars test facilities.

  • Gain general knowledge of powertrain suspension system.
  • Literature study with focus on rubber material and fatigue.
  • Define test sequence and set up test procedure.
  • Evaluate fatigue software from Simulia, fe-safe/Rubber.
  • Perform fatigue and fracture testing.
  • Analyse data from test results.
  • Perform fatigue simulations for correlation with test data.
  • Document results.
For more information about fe-safe.

  • We are looking for students that are highly motivated and have genuine interest in cars, calculations and product development.
  • B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, relevant M.Sc. such as Applied Mechanics, Automotive engineering, Materials engineering or similar.
  • Knowledge in Finite Element Modeling and Analysis, Matlab, ANSA and Abaqus
  • Relevant knowledge within fatigue and fracture of materials.
  • Have a structured approach and ability to work independently.
  • Communication skills are important since information will be needed from several different parts of the company.
  • Period: 1 semester, 30 ECTS points
  • Starting date: January 2018
  • Number of students: Suitable for 1-2 student.
  • Work to be done at dep 97481 Powertrain Mount, Volvo Car Corporation, Gothenburg (Torslanda)
  • Attach your resume and cover letter stating your interests within the given area and your thoughts and credentials.
  • Please note that applications arriving later then the last application date will not be taken in consideration.
  • Selection will be ongoing during the application period.
In case of questions, please contact:

Technical questions/inquires:

Daniel Högberg (CAE Structure Analyst) tel +46729707629

We want your application as soon as possible, but no later than 2017-11-12


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