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Blood doping

We are looking for people with different ethnic and geographical backgrounds who wish to participate in a study that aims to develop new doping tests.

1. To develop a method for measuring substances (proteins) in red blood cells.
2. In order to then be able to measure those substances (proteins) in the blood after long term storage of red blood cells at low temperatures.

Knowledge gained
1. Method to detect blood doping
2. Method to determine the quality of red blood cells

After the study received an allowance of up to
3000 SKR depending on which group you are in (Control or Doped).

  • Genetically origin (i.e. where you or your ancestors were born) from Africa, Asia and India
  • Non-smoker
  • No blood borne disease
  • Capable of performing a maximal exercise (running to exhaustion)
  • Not given blood in the last 3 months
  • Non-elite athletes (competition is not allowed during and three months after the study)
Place: Blodcentralen, Huddinge Sjukhus

Contact person:
Dr. Irene Granlund
ProTest Diagnostics AB
Tvistevägen 48, Umeå
907 19 Umeå
Mobil: 070 - 610 32 72

Principal investigator
Dr. Christer Malm, CEO
ProTest Diagnostics AB
Tvistevägen 48, Umeå
907 19 Umeå
Telefon: 070-246 14 66
EPN permit Nr 2016-331-32 (Tillägg till 08-196M)
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Om företaget
We are a biotech company based in Umeå, Sweden, offering analytical services for blood, urine, saliva and skeletal muscle tissue. We are developing the next generation of doping tests - rapid and accurate detection of blood doping through a molecular fingerprint.
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