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New year (in Finance we are always lagging a bit - first we need to close the previous year, then it's the new year for real) and a new exciting role at Blocket! We are looking for our new Financial Controller. A Financial Controller in love with systems, processes and numbers. How exciting isn't that!? We are currently moving the accounting function to our shared service within the Group. This makes this role pretty mega important as the glue, the paste, the adhesive between that team and our business as the main point of contact. You'll be the one who understands the numbers in ERP and can trace it back to its origin - database, Sales System, Time reporting etc. Do not get us wrong, it is not that we see this role as a bug, but in terms of what you will be doing, you will be like a spider. For example processes - big part of your role. You will develop and master them all and make sure there are no loose ends but an amazing 3D spider web with a construction that is solid and safe, a life line for our financial controls. So spiderwo/man, wherever you are, welcome to Blocket's Finance-Legal-Strategy team!

We are Blocket, Sweden's largest and most popular marketplace with around 12,3M monthly active users generating 100 million sessions. We are proud of our work to enable second-hand trade in Sweden and our contribution to a positive environmental impact.

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What you'll be up to

Since it is a new role to us, you will bring the structure needed in order to get the processes and the flow between business controlling and accounting. You make sure the numbers are correct and crystal clear. And if there would be any differences, god forbid, you will make sure it gets corrected. You will be the one with the deepest understanding of all revenue streams system wise, both pre-systems and ERP. Also, the main contact with auditors and authorities lies within this role. Another part of the role is to do the continuous accounting for one of our affiliates, including monthly closures and reconciliations, until the move to our common ERP in a year or two. But who knows, perhaps there is a new affiliate to run then. As you probably already know, as in all controlling roles, analysis and reporting is a given. And as a result of a new role, you will contribute to setting the role clarity.

Who you are

In order to master the role, your accounting knowledge needs to be perfect. You know your analysis and are a true nerd in terms of systems and processes, curious and eager on how they can streamline and bring efficiency and cost plus energy savings to us. Since you are a controller you are in love with numbers - correct numbers. And the cool thing about working with marketplaces is the data. We have loads of data. This means more numbers to use for insights who help you prioritize your work. Sparks in your eyes? Then keep on reading - it's getting even better! Sometimes, like every second day or at least during the monthly closures, numbers create problems. This energizes you and next gear is put in to solve the issues and find the best solutions. Change is kind of constant in Blocket, and your work will be to adapt the financial processes accordingly. So business interest and understanding is another key for success. Even if you are a numbers person - sceptical to what non finance people actually know about numbers - you know how to have them trust you and understand the numbers' insights and consequences. Cause you love collaboration and really enjoy building relationships. We work in teams, the pace is high (super high), you have a lot of projects in parallel, deadlines to meet and yes, constant change can be a little chaotic. If you still are confident and motivated and even have time for a good joke or two - well then we are happy to meet up for a digital coffee!

  • Academic degree in Finance, Business Administration or equivalent
  • +5 years of experience of Financial Controlling or Cost Controlling
  • Great experience from accounting and year end closures
  • Great Excel skills
  • Fluent in Swedish and English (both written and spoken)
  • Experience in Tableau, Upsales, Dynamics CRM and/or ERP
  • Experience creating reports and reporting structure
Hi, I am your new Manager

Hi, my name is Jessica, and I am Head of Controlling at Blocket. I'm currently on parental leave with my second son but I will be back in August. I have been at Blocket for almost 6 years, and I love it. The team is fantastic and the atmosphere is inspiring and familiar, like coming home to your second family. We are there for each other, create magic together, and of course have a lot of fun together. We take full responsibility for our work, with strong engagement and passion. And we love efficiency and are constantly striving for new ways to improve tasks/way of working and to contribute with better or deeper insights. I look forward to having you onboard and to continue to develop our finance function together!

Hi, I am your new colleague

Hi, my name is Martin, and I am a Business Controller at Blocket and I have been working here for the last year. If you have read a bunch of Job ads, you probably heard about the words fast paced and value driven organization. It may sound like cliches but in the case of Blocket you will definitely feel the energy of a forward thinking mindset while always taking our values in consideration. This is an inspiring place to work and you will experience great cooperation, we get stuff done together, great leadership and most importantly: colleagues that lift one another up and push for development. I definitely look forward to meeting you!

Interested in joining the Blocket world?

We look forward to hearing from you! Send your CV or apply with your LinkedIn-profile and let us know what makes you tick. We would love to get to know you a bit better! Questions - feel free to reach out to


Buzz: financial controller, accounting, marketplaces, Tableau, Upsales, Dynamics, ERP
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The Blocket journey began in Skåne 1996 - since then the concept of Blocket has been exported to over 40 other countries. Today, Blocket, which is owned by the media group Schibsted, is Sweden's largest online marketplace. There are approximately 600 000 items, vehicles, jobs and housing being advertised and discovered by its 5 million visitors every week. The value for all advertisements in 2018 amounted to SEK 714 billion - equal to 15 percent of Sweden's GDP. Thanks to second-hand trading at Blocket, 0.8 million tonnes of greenhouse gases can be avoided every year. The output being equivalent to if Stockholm's city roads stood empty for about a year. Blocket has approximately 240 colleagues and the office is located in central Stockholm. Together, we are passionate about second-hand trading, the environment and the continued growth of Blocket - one of Sweden's largest sites. We are proud environmental heroes and enjoy working together. Read more on our career page.
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14 mars 2021
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