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Hello! We're currently looking for developers. Both back-end wizards, and front-end magicians. Or why not a combination of both. Could this be you? Or someone you know?

Job Description

The roles include developing and creating solutions for both local and international clients. That means everything from websites and applications to whatever weird digital ideas we come up with. You will be working alongside our team of creatives, UX-designers, strategists, project managers and content specialists who are all equally passionate about creating great things.

There are new problems to solve everyday, so the job doesn't get boring. That's a promise. But that also requires that you're skilled in several programming languages and platforms. Oh, and the position is full time. Based at our office in Stockholm. Mosebacke Torg to be exact. Start in the beginning of 2019.

Personal Requirements

First of all, you need to be a great person (i.e. a co-operator). On top of that you're obviously a problem solver and always try to find new ways of doing things. Therefore, you constantly keep a keen eye on what's new and trending out there. If you are in to design it would be extra icing on the cake, but not a requirement. We like the kind of developers that makes our designers design even more awesome.

Required Skills Front-end
  • HTML
  • JavaScript / ES2017
  • jQuery
  • Use of frontend JavaScript frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular
  • Use of CSS frameworks
  • Module bundlers like Webpack / Grunt / Gulp
  • Testing frameworks
A big plus:
  • Photoshop
Required Skills Back-end
  • PHP development with frameworks and platforms like Laravel, Wordpress and Drupal
  • MySQL / Database modelling
  • Testing frameworks
A big plus:
  • Other web languages like Node.js / .NET / Java
Required Skills on both-ends
  • Source control with Git
  • Source control workflows
A big plus:
  • Continuous integration
  • Knowledge of app development

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Om företaget
Who are we?

Emakina DBG. We're part of Emakina group, ranked among Europe's top three independent full service digital networks. And when you mix that with creativity – you get us. An agency with big ideas and a lot of digital know-how to make those ideas even bigger. Or to sound even cooler, we like to say that we have digital bones and creative blood. Boom. Our thing? We believe that advertising doesn't have to feel like advertising. And always strive to create work that people actually want to talk about and engage with.

Wanna work with us? Send us your CV and portfolio.

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