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Our mission is to contribute to a functioning democracy by closing the gap between what citizens know and what they need to know about the world around them. We aim to offer trustworthy news founded on facts and insight in a world where information is becoming increasingly more abundant and untrustworthy.

To achieve this we're aiming at delivering simply the best news destination possible to our users. We are in a marathon to stay relevant in a rapidly changing market and that requires a dedicated and continuous investment in new technology. In all honesty, we're not quite there yet, and we still have a lot of untapped potentials. That is why we are strengthening our Core News Product teams, to design and build our shared main publisher product platform for our end users.

Core News Product (CNP) is a suite of products and tools empowering the creation and distribution of journalistic content. The CNP product suite contains a set of content creation tools for the newsrooms and technology solutions and design system for end-user products. It is architected and designed to provide a delightful and lightning-fast user experience across web and native mobile for all the content types we deliver and others into the future, as well as tight integration with new strategic monetization and advertising inventory tools. It is a platform in it's true sense where millions of users daily interact with our publication's quality content.

We are looking for someone with several years experience in UX, design strategy and with leadership experience, that is ambitious and a great collaborator.

You will report to the UX Director of Schibsted Media.

Together with the Head of Product and Director of Engineering, this role will form the leadership team for Core News Product.

This leadership team will be responsible for:

  • Building and nurturing high performing teams
  • Development of a scalable Core News Product
  • Migration of all main publisher products to Core News Product
  • Operation of all main publisher products running on Core News Product
In this role, you will be responsible for:
  • UX and design execution of Core News Product
  • Managing and mentoring the UX team in Core News product
  • Bridging UX at Core News Product with our brands teams, Consumer Business Solutions, Advertising Solutions, and collaborate in shared initiatives
  • Focusing on the Core products scalability and reusability - applied in the common design system and platform
  • Engaging the entire UX team in championing design methodologies and practices
  • Facilitating collaboration with product management, engineering and research teams to ensure successful product development and an overall understanding of our user's needs
  • Setting clear goals, managing resources accordingly, adhering to the product roadmap and mentoring team members towards growth and success
You have the following core competencies:
  • Ability to work closely with engineering, product management, and user research teams in order to design experiences that are technologically feasible and meet the business lines and user needs
  • Passion for managing and developing people
  • Passion for creating high performing teams of creative people
  • Ability to gather, understand, analyze and share data from user usage and experimentation to inform decision making, drive optimization and to promote a insights driven culture
  • Understanding of developing design systems and the technical dependencies that follow with them
  • Understanding how UX can contribute to drive scalable platform development and how a platform enables others to innovate faster
You have the following experience and skills:
  • Proven experience in a management or leadership role for a large UX team
  • Several years of UX design or UX research experience
  • Understanding of usability and user experience principles
  • Understanding the user's, editorial's, consumer business' and advertising's needs from our main publisher products
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Om företaget
Schibsted Media combines a long and proud publishing tradition stretching back to the 19th century, with digital innovation and entrepreneurship. Schibsted Media is an independent division that comprises all of Schibsted's media businesses, including brands such as VG, Aftonbladet, Aftenposten, Svenska Dagbladet, Bergens Tidende, Stavanger Aftenblad, Fædrelandsvennen, and seven local newspapers.

The division also includes Schibsted Growth, which is home to start-ups and growing businesses such as Lendo, Prisjakt, Let's Deal, Bynk, Fronteer Solutions, and Kickback. Growth is always searching for smart founders with ambitious ideas, scalable business models - and a mission to empower people in their daily lives.

Schibsted Media was established in the autumn of 2017, and the division contains 4000 employees who are based across Norway, Sweden, and Poland.
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