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We are calling all Data Analysts to apply to Aftonbladet, Sweden's biggest news source, reaching more than 3.6 million people every day. We are renowned for our independent journalism and our credo to make Sweden a little bit better, the world a little more understandable and life a little easier.

During 2019 Aftonbladet developed a new Data Strategy that focuses on transforming Sweden's biggest newspaper into a truly data-driven company. To enable this we are building a Data & Insights team tasked with collecting, structuring, enriching and analysing all available data. And there is a lot of data to dive into: we are generating 400 million new events consisting of over 20 billion data points each and every day. We are using a modern cloud-based Data Warehouse (Snowflake/AWS) and several front-end presentation tools like f.e. Tableau & Amplitude for display and research.

Analytics is not only about plotting charts, but also about connecting people to data. In our team, we want to do exactly that. Our mission is to "Enable all the people in Aftonbladet to do their own analysis and bring insights to actions" and we will achieve that by educating, evangelising and always supporting the business end-to-end.

Your insights do matter and you will have a great impact on how we are doing business and in our fight for an independent and strong fact-based journalism.

You will be part of a great team consisting of other Data Analysts, Scientists and Engineers. You will report to the Head of Data & Insights.

What you do: extract data, analyse & support business with insights
  • Listen to the business, understanding their needs, asking the right questions, challenging the scope and taking ownership.
  • Formulating user stories, prioritising and refining them until they can be well understood by everyone else.
  • Diving into data, communicating with colleagues on different levels and seeking for options on how to solve our biggest problems.
  • Creating simple data pipelines using SQL and preparing aggregated and filtered views or tables that can be consumed by front-end visualization tools.
  • Building dashboards or reports f.e. in Tableau or Klipfolio and scheduling them, if they can support the business in their decision-making.
  • Creating insights by connecting facts with new data points and presenting those with recommendations for actions to your stakeholders
  • Educating the business, helping them to help themselves as much as possible. In the end, analysis is not only to be done by analysts.
  • Co-operate and communicate - we are a team and we help each other as much as we can.
Who you are: A structured, analytical & motivated team player
  • You should have worked in a similar position before with 2-3 years of experience on the job.
  • You are a great team player and a true believer of the principle: "If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together!".
  • You have a good business understanding and are able to present complex issues by breaking them down into smaller pieces.
  • You are structured and analytical - you believe that for every problem there must also be a solution.
  • You should be very comfortable with SQL, any other programming language like f.e. Python is a bonus but no requirement.
  • Understanding the basics in Swedish is a huge merit - in the end, all our articles are written in Swedish and so is most of the metadata.
  • You are very curious, eager to learn new things, able to admit your mistakes and willing to learn from them.
  • You don't think 'scrum' is the user-interface of an old point-n'-click adventure and are able to work agile in a medium-size team.
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Om företaget
Schibsted is an international media group with more than 5 000 employees. We have world-class media houses in Scandinavia, leading marketplaces and digital services that empower consumers. Millions of people interact with Schibsted companies every day.

What we do

Our corporate social responsibility is closely linked to our mission of "Empowering people in their daily life", our values and our core business. We believe that we, together with our users, can contribute to a more sustainable society in what we do every day.
  • We empower people by providing transparent and secure marketplaces.
  • We empower them by creating services that provide them with better deals.
  • We empower them by defending freedom of the press and editorial integrity.
Nordic Marketplaces

Connecting millions of buyers and sellers every month, we provide leading online marketplaces in the Nordics.

Our digital marketplaces such as, help people buy and sell new and old things.


Within Next we drive growth and create value for Schibsted's customers and users. Our four areas Growth, Financial Services, Next Media and Distribution, will secure that innovation prevails as part of Schibsted's DNA.

News Media

As the largest media group in Scandinavia, our world-class media houses continue to shape the media landscape of today - and tomorrow.

In Scandinavia, our media houses such as VG, Aftenposten, Bergens Tidende, Aftonbladet and Svenska Dagbladet keep people informed and updated on important issues in society.
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