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Friday is looking for an experienced IoT Architect to join the Ondosis team and take on the responsibility of leading the software architecture development going forward. This is a big undertaking since the company is in the initial phase of planning the IoT structure and are working with a product under strict regulations and ISO standards.

You will have the freedom to influence and set up the company software architecture moving forward and thus need to have both great knowledge and passion for software development. Ondosis will work with an AWS platform base along with developing two native mobile apps in the future. The rest will be up to debate and your choosing based on expertise and knowledge in what is optimal to use.

The company is currently made up by 22 people in different roles involving product development, testing along with critical roles in finance and sales. One part of your job will involve building an IT-team and recruit a tech lead, delivery lead as well as developers with the right type of background.

In summary you will be:
  • Responsible for setting the software architecture and creating a foundation to build upon
  • Contributing with your programming skills
  • Working with authorities, key opinionleades and regulatory bodies
  • Working closely with production facilities to ensure quality and ISO standards are followed
  • Creating an IT-team and be part of the recruitment procesess
You have excellent software skills and at least 3 years of working with complex software architecture or IoT. The type of programming language you have experience with, be it C#, Java, React or Python doesn't matter since you will be playing a part in setting the tech-stack the company will be working with going forward.

This is a mission that will be life chaning and plays a huge part in people's everyday life. Therefore you have to be able to connect with end users and their families, creating an understanding and taking things into consideration during the product development. The aim is to build a strong community around the product through events, meetings and social media platforms.

Great communication- and networking skills are essential since you will be working with a lot of stakeholders, suppliers and regulatory bodies. EQ will thus be of importance and something we will look for in the ideal candidate.

You should have experience in:
  • Setting up complex software architecture or IoT solutions
  • Working with cloud platforms, preferably AWS
  • Programming and have a portfolio/projects to show
It is meritorious if you:
  • Have prior experience from the medtech industry
  • Have experience in working with ISO13485
OnDosis will revolutionize the way we take our medicines through integration with intelligent dosing and health technology to improve patient outcomes across a multitude of diseases. While pharmaceutical innovation has accelerated, dosing has stayed the same, resulting in a great number of unmet needs. Today, the calls for change are at an all-time high-and our revolution will ensure that dosing catches up with the scientific advances of modern medicine and digital therapeutics.

Our proprietary technology delivers flexible and individual dosing of oral medicines. We provide reassurance in disease management, support adherence and provide greater convenience for patients. Right now, our focus is to develop solutions for diseases that place significant burdens on both patients and healthcare. This includes ADHD, rare diseases, cancer, immunosuppression for organ transplants, Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy. Our mission is to help millions of people worldwide to get a better everyday life, thanks to individualized, correct, adjustable and easy-to-swallow doses.

Our technology is flexible, which makes it ideal for use in disease areas and patient segments where tablets, pills or capsules do not provide a good fit for the patient or the treatment goal.

OnDosis was founded in 2017 and our headquarters are located in Gothenburg, Sweden.

This is a recruitment process where you will be hired by Ondosis directly.

  • Employment type: Full-time
  • Location: Pepparedsleden, Mölndal
  • Contact: Dino Segetalo, dino.segetalo@friday.se
Apply by clicking the link below. Remember to be quick with your application as we apply continuous selection of candidates and the position may be filled before the application deadline is due.

By being a partner to our clients and candidates, we strive to find the best match for you both. We achieve this by really getting to know our clients and candidate’s needs! Of course, we will ensure that requirements and skillsets match. But above all, we focus on the importance to find harmony between values and corporate culture which both candidate and client considers optimal.

Our passion is to help people to the right position, workplace and context and we work in the field between IT and Technology. That's why we founded Friday, with the ambition to help you with the job that gives you the Friday feeling - every day!

We mainly focusing on young engineers who are at the beginning of their careers or soon concluding college / university within the IT and Technology field.

Our belief is that people reach their fullest potential when looking forward to going to work each morning. "Friday - everyday", how about that?
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17 dec 2021
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