Zimpler · Publicerad 23 mars 2020

Right now, there is an exciting job opening as the Principal Engineer for Zimpler, one of Sweden's fastest growing fintech companies. You will have a key technical leading role in an innovative and agile environment and have a real impact on the development of the product. You will have the opportunity to both work with technology and people, supporting the development team to grow in autonomy, motivation and knowledge.

What will be your responsibilities?
As a Principal Engineer, you will be responsible for providing a technical perspective at the operational, tactical and strategic levels on decisions related to the product and platform. That perspective is formed through technical expertise, business understanding and close collaboration with the development teams. Your role will be one of support, guidance and coaching, and you will also be responsible for promoting a culture of autonomy, collaboration, innovation and sustainability, as well as communicating and representing that culture outwards. This role is a key position within the company and an important part of its continued success.

This role, in combination with our Product Owner and head of People & Culture, forms the leadership for the entire product team. Platform Engineer = Tech, PO = Business, People & Culture = personnel management, all three available as a support function that empowers the whole department.

If you join us, you will:
  • Establish & drive the vision of the architecture & platform
  • Make the right sustainable technical decisions together with the dev team
  • Be a technical coach
  • Make sure that technical choices are aligned with business
  • Contribute to the recruitment of tech talents
  • Be part of the Lead team (along with our CEO, CFO, PO...)
We're still trying to figure out how to best fit our product to the market, what next step to take with our platform, how to de-tangle our newly established microservice architecture, puzzle out creative technical solutions to complicated business problems. We have a high speed in our day to day business, why it is a key to be able to navigate in this finding the right priorities and focus. We value life-work balance and psychological safety, so join us for a challenge without the stress hormones!

What kind of experience do you need for this job?
If you have worked in a similar position or/and have several years' experience of working in a leading technical role with a track record of software development, you can be just right for this job. You have a broad technical background with knowledge of:
  • modern DevOps
  • Cloud
  • docker & microservices
  • monitoring
  • continuous integration/deployment
  • software/platform modeling & architecture
Most likely you know that you are able to motivate and inspire others within a fast-paced entrepreneurial environment. With excellent communication skills and a passion for technical solutions, you can bring valuable knowledge to the company. With a background in product or/and agile development, you will be able to improve the way we work and become a strong ambassador for Zimpler in different communities.

What can you expect when joining Zimpler?
As you arrive on your scooter, bike or bus you will enter one of the exquisite buildings at Vasaplatsen, central in Göteborg. Your workday will be set in a start-up environment with great ambitions. Zimpler has more transactions per minute, more features to deliver, more developers to onboard, more teams working in parallel - and are building stuff in a microservices architecture! They already have a lot of lovely things in place: automated tests and deploy, everything runs in containers with centralized logging and alerting - but still, it is a long journey to reach DevOps heaven! Also expect a lot of freedom, many cups of tea (or coffee if you're that type of person) a few train rides to the office in Stockholm, a couple of nerdy quiz, French cakes and fresh challenges every day.

Interested or a little bit curious?
Can this be the next position for you, or maybe know someone who would be a perfect fit? Let them know! The position is based in Gothenburg and is full-time employment. Welcome to apply or contact me if you want to know more; Linda Landin Ödman +46 763 173828 linda.odman@jerrie.se, but no later than the 13th of April.

Zimpler was founded 2012 and is now one of Sweden's fastest growing fintech companies and offers several payment solutions across various segments in Europe. Zimpler use their expertise in pay-ins and payouts to simplify people's financial lives. Zimpler has a few payment products, Zimpler Bank Payments and Zimpler GO are the two most prominent. They received awards from Deloitte Fast 50 two years in a row and are under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Institution.
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Sista ansökningsdag
13 apr 2020
Antal Tjänster
Data & IT

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