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EMPLOID is looking for a team manager/team leader for our client SUZOHAPP in Malmö. So if you’re a Java based cloud developer (Software as a Service), and are looking to step up your management game, then you’ve just stumbled upon your next big career move, nicely done!


SUZOHAPP is a tech company providing software and hardware solutions for cash transaction automation and self-service solutions to more than 25,000 daily customers around the globe. The technology enables automation for customers operating in a variety of end markets including retail, transportation, gaming, banking, cash-in-transit, vending and amusement. The solutions include cash deposit, recycling, processing and payment systems as well as a broad range of self-service component technologies. Hmm.. Just Cash? No, not just cash, other kinds of payment tech as well, but while on the subject; Yes, cash! Contrary to what you might think the market for cash payment is growing rapidly and we would love it if you would be a part of it!

Who are you?

Well, as a software engineer, we like to think that you know your code. The team you’ll lead is a competent and independent one, and it’s true, you will be managing most of the time, but should the opportunity present itself, we believe you are able to roll up your sleeves and get typing at a moment’s notice. If you’re one of those ‘but I don’t want to stop coding’- people, don’t worry! SUZOHAPP is very flexible in their way of designing the mission and should one wish to continue developing to some extent, that’s definitely a possibility.

But you’re not just a programmer, are you? No, you are currently looking to shake things up and since you’ve been in the business for some time now, you have an idea of exactly what kind of manager you don’t want to be, and just a few hints of what kind of manager you would like to be. Good news! Your new boss is a big believer in ‘learn how things are done, get to know the team, settle down, and then, if you have a better way of doing it, go ahead and try it!’.

To clarify, we are looking for a person who has worked as a lead, managing projects or teams before, unofficially or officially. You could have been the ‘go-to-girl/guy’ or you could have some other type of management on your CV. The important thing is that you have tech heavy experience and that you agree with the company and team values.

Speaking of values, would you like to get to know the company you’re going to work for? Here’s what they value in your future team and at SUZOHAPP;

o A healthy team spirit

Macho, what? Nope, wrong door, please leave. The person who can do it, does it, meaning, if you think you’d do a good job, then ask for it, even if it’s not ‘your’ job. The team members share their workloads, and as manager it’s your job to see to it that this balance keeps balancing. So, if you’re into the whole ‘internal competition makes the team stronger’-stuff, this might not be for you.

o Long leash and great results

They are strong believers in flexibility, and we know that you’ve read that before, but it’s true. If you have an idea of how you work when you’re at your most productive, then that’s probably what you should be doing, and that is totally fine. Of course, as the team manager, you probably know you can’t work from Hawaii five days a week, but let’s all meet in the middle somewhere!

o Passion for tech

SUZOHAPP is a tech heavy company with a tinkering station in their office. So what does that mean for you? Well, we like to think that you’re a little nerdy when it comes to new tech! You want to see it improved and, well no, scratch that, you need to see it improved. Your team is a fun group, but the thing they all have in common is just that; the need to make the product greater.

Location: Centrally located in Malmö

If you have any questions regarding this position you are welcome to email our tech recruiter at

We highly recommend you to apply for this position as soon as possible. Our selection process is continuous and the advert may close before the recruitment process is completed.

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