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Do you like to bring the personal touch on things you build? Personal as in making the user feel at home, welcomed and in the spotlight. And then at the same time you might have an interest in machine learning (ML)? Then listen, we are actually building a whole new team from scratch that will focus on exactly this. With the mission to make Blocket brighter, smarter, cooler and faster this team will learn our systems to think as humans and the data to give an accurate output. We have huge amounts of data to use. We just need some additional brightness in order to help the blocketing in Sweden become more personal. Blocketing that is saving huge amounts of carbon dioxide. So if you're up to help us sort the ML thing, as well as building some smarter code, we would love to hear from you.

We are Blocket, Sweden's largest and most popular marketplace with around 12,3M monthly active users generating 100 million sessions. We are proud of our work to enable the second-hand trade in Sweden and our contribution to a positive environmental impact.

Want to get a feel for the Blocket vibe? Check us out on Instagram & LinkedIn and read more on Begagnateffekten!

What you will be up to

A new team and a new task for Blocket. A little futuristic, modern, and innovative at the same time. Like a new costume to a good old friend. Together with a cross functional team consisting of UX, Data Insight, and Product Management, you will bring the tech to team Personalization. The tech team will initially consist of one frontend, one backend, one Engineering Manager, and one ML engineer. The mission for the team is to bring in ML in order to help our users to find what they are looking (and sometimes what they did not know they are looking) for. You will build smart code that thinks proactively for our users, suggesting adverts and products to them. And we know, we are not first on it but boy what an impact it will have. Not only on happy users but on the environment, helping the circularity of the second hand trade. A win win win for fun, needed code, the environment, and Blocket moving into the future - in a new red dress!

Who you are

We believe you are a frontend developer with a few years hands-on experience of frontend development working in a team. You are able to independently lead the development of new features, and enjoy discussing and debating code and solutions with your peers. You like sharing your knowledge with your cross functional team and also more junior developers and above all, you are curious and continuously strive to learn new things. We are often working in pairs so collaboration is another key. And the thinking and problem solving mindset. The goal is what we create as a team, not the techniques we use. As a developer in the team, we do not require you to be an ML expert. However, an interest in the field will of course bring some spice and glam to your days.


Web developer
  • React
  • Redux
  • NextJs
  • styled-components
  • Linux environment
  • Python
  • Golang
  • Machine Learning technologies
  • TypeScript
  • Accessibility (a11y)
Hello from the team

Hi, I am Johnny and will probably working with you in the team. The best thing about joining this team will be the opportunity to be a part of the start of something big for the future of Blocket. Making our user journeys more personalised and tailored to our users needs will have a huge impact on the role that Blocket plays in our users daily lives. I look forward to making Blocket more helpful for our users. To make it easier to buy second hand and contribute to a more sustainable society.

Blocket for me will always be first and foremost about the friendly, smart, creative and fun people that make every day exciting. Apart from that we get to work with a product that is used and loved by so many people. Thanks to our large user base we can let experiments and user insights guide us in the right direction when we develop our product.

Johan is an open minded and humble leader that is really good at listening and making sure everyone on the team is heard. He also has a deep understanding of our tech stack so his input and feedback is always relevant and on point. He also has a really fast bike.

Hi there, I'm your new manager

I am Johan and I am looking to build a team that focuses on collaboration and experimentation. We will create something new on Blocket that will require testing and iteration to get right. So it is important that you are driven by creating the best possible user experience. We will also be taking over a few existing product areas that will require you to learn and manage already loved functionality.

As a leader I will help setting the context and make connections throughout our organisation. We will have goals but I will leave a lot of room for you to be creative and to bring your own ideas to the table. Welcome to Blocket and team Personalisation, we are really looking forward to have you onboard.

Interested in joining the Blocket world?

We look forward to hearing from you! Send your CV or apply with your LinkedIn-profile and let us know what makes you tick. We would love to get to know you a bit better! Have a link to some neat stuff on github? Make sure to include a link when you apply. For questions, contact

Buzz: frontend, software engineer, fullstack, ML, machine learning, react, redux, nextjs, python, golang, kafka, relational databases, distributed systems, microservices, AWS, cloud, linux, kubernetes, personalisation, javascript, typescript

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Om företaget
The Blocket journey began in Skåne 1996 - since then the concept of Blocket has been exported to over 40 other countries. Today, Blocket, which is owned by the media group Schibsted, is Sweden's largest online marketplace. There are approximately 600 000 items, vehicles, jobs and housing being advertised and discovered by its 5 million visitors every week. The value for all advertisements in 2018 amounted to SEK 714 billion - equal to 15 percent of Sweden's GDP. Thanks to second-hand trading at Blocket, 0.8 million tonnes of greenhouse gases can be avoided every year. The output being equivalent to if Stockholm's city roads stood empty for about a year. Blocket has approximately 240 colleagues and the office is located in central Stockholm. Together, we are passionate about second-hand trading, the environment and the continued growth of Blocket - one of Sweden's largest sites. We are proud environmental heroes and enjoy working together. Read more on our career page.
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12 nov 2021
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Data & IT

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