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Our dear Gabriella is soon leaving to spend some time with her baby. This means we have a temp opening for a year within our magnificent Growth Marketing team. A position with huge analytical focus within CRM and marketing. We are talking customer dialogue, customer loyalty, sustainable relationships and growth. This role is of major importance for taking us to next generations marketplaces. It is like a combination of being a therapist and a data Einstein. Pretty cool if you ask us.

We are Blocket, Sweden's largest and most popular marketplace with around 12,3M monthly active users generating over 100 million sessions. We are proud of our impact on second-hand trade in Sweden, enabling more sustainable ways of shopping. Want to get a feel of the Blocket vibe? Check us out on Instagram & LinkedIn and read more on Begagnateffekten!

What you'll be up to

In short; you will provide insight regarding where and how to focus our marketing initiatives for the most impact. This by analysing our user- and campaign data and market research, but also by working cross-functional with the rest of the marketing department, insights team and product & tech, to uncover the new opportunities for growth. In all directions. Again - a very important role. You will be a very important person!

In long:
  • Analyze our user data and determine target groups, segments and activations across multiple channels.
  • Monitor and analyse data daily, track KPIs, and suggest action on any trends you observe.
  • Develop an actionable process for reporting and analysis of our Brand KPIs
  • Evaluate campaigns and channel strategy to continuously learn and optimize activities to increase conversion and engagement and revenue.
  • Provide analytical support to the marketing team and uplevel the team's data skills and democratize access to marketing data.
  • Ensure data quality and handling process flow.
  • Maintain and develop our marketing reporting processes and tools, including the creation of dashboards and reports to track daily performance, generating actionable insights to drive operational decisions and improve the efficiency of marketing investments.
Who you are

We used the analytical word a bunch of times, we'll continue with it. But the thing is, since it is about growth you also have the business oriented mindset. And then the love, the passion, the attraction, the feeling for numbers and data. True love. Not to forget the eager to work smart and fast by rapidly testing, learning, and scaling new tactics. We talk iteration with tweeks in order to move fast and, here we go again, grow. In addition, you bring the structure, the red thread, the spotlight into beautiful, clear and crisp paintings. Like a Picasso, Rembrandt, van Gogh or Michelangelo. Your work creates the "oooo", the "aaaaah", the "wow" from your stakeholders. In addition, innovative and capable of visualising data so others understand what priorities to make. So maybe not a Picasso then ... And it will not hurt if you are excited about Blocket's mission to be the number one marketplace in Sweden, enabling people to make sustainable choices and offering great possibilities for everyone. Cause that is what we strive and work towards everyday.

  • 3-5 years in data or marketing analytics, with a deep understanding of data selection, statistics and analysis
  • Experience from analytical and operational CRM
  • Proficient with statistical modeling and quantitative/qualitative analysis techniques
  • Experience to work with large datasets, using SQL.
  • Experience to work with data visualisation (as in Tableau, Google Data Studio)

  • Experience from working with CLV models and attribution
  • Experience from working with Omnichannel
  • Experience of web analytics (as in Google Analytics)
Hello from Gabriella

The reason I enjoy this role so much is that it is so varying and diverse - each day rarely look the same. There are always new and exciting projects coming up, both within marketing but also in collaboration with other functions. The role includes a good combination of nitty gritty coding and analysis as well as working in projects where you give input to something bigger.

I love the sustainable role Blocket has in society, but it is also so much more. The culture of the company is very open and positive, and you always feel included and important in the journey Blocket is on. It is also fun to work in a company that most people in Sweden can relate to, and almost everyone I talk to has a good Blocket story.

The marketing growth team is a fantastic team, social and fun but also incredibly driven and ambitious. Each and everyone is great at what they do, and always open for collaboration to reach even greater results.

Mattias is a fantastic manager! He gives good support and is always open for your input and ideas, and there is plenty of room for you to take responsibility and make your own decisions. Enjoy the role, you will have great fun!

Hi! I am your manager

My name is Mattias Bogren and I am the Head of Growth Marketing and for the moment also Head of Brands at Blocket. Transparency, clarity and goal orientation are important parts of my leadership. I want to give my employees the best conditions for development and believe that this is best done in an environment of trust and openness. A culture of cooperation where everyone has their clear mandates and areas of responsibility. However, the most important part is that it should be fun to go to work! And with us, you are welcomed every morning by a competent and wonderful team who laugh, work hard together to get more people to use Blocket, more often.

Interested in joining the Blocket world?

We look forward to hearing from you! Send your CV or apply with your LinkedIn-profile and let us know what makes you tick. We would love to get to know you a bit better! Questions - feel free to reach out to


Buzz: CRM, growth marketing analyst, growth marketing, growth analyst, Tableau, Google Data Studio, Excel, SQL
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The Blocket journey began in Skåne 1996 - since then the concept of Blocket has been exported to over 40 other countries. Today, Blocket, which is owned by the media group Schibsted, is Sweden's largest online marketplace. There are approximately 600 000 items, vehicles, jobs and housing being advertised and discovered by its 5 million visitors every week. The value for all advertisements in 2018 amounted to SEK 714 billion - equal to 15 percent of Sweden's GDP. Thanks to second-hand trading at Blocket, 0.8 million tonnes of greenhouse gases can be avoided every year. The output being equivalent to if Stockholm's city roads stood empty for about a year. Blocket has approximately 240 colleagues and the office is located in central Stockholm. Together, we are passionate about second-hand trading, the environment and the continued growth of Blocket - one of Sweden's largest sites. We are proud environmental heroes, https: // ... and enjoy working together,
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